Linkstream, a streaming gift for your loved ones..!!!

Linkstream is streaming device that you can connect it to your big TV and watch your forever movies in an HD quality. You just require an internet connection to flow the content, and you are ready to go.

Linkstream Features

Never ending entertainment.

Stream anything with Linkstream. One stop solution for all entertainment.

Movies, Games, TV Programs

Movies, TV shows, Games, Music and almost everything for everyone.

Top Free

Get hundreds of movie channels, TV shows, Music channel and many more for FREE.

Kids & Family

Give a best gift to your kids and family. Entertainment, Education at the same time for your young one's.

Linkstream Products

Linkstream is the company that has changed the way you your TV. It has wide range of products that are designed to entertain you in a complete different way.

  • Linkstream TV
  • Linkstream Express
  • Linkstream Streaming Stick
  • Linkstream Premiere
How do I set it up?

It's easy!

  • Power up your Linkstream device
  • Connect the Linkstream device to the internet
  • Create a Linkstream account and activate your device

Linkstream is a device which can be used on two or more than two different networks. Some technical issues persist while using Linkstream due to a configuration error, Pinging failure, errors while relating to internet or adapter or system settings, etc. which are not quickly resolved.

  • Issues with the Linkstream remote

    It is reported that some Linkstream users faced problem with their Linkstream remote while trying to connect and connection dropping.

    No audio heard when watching videos

    Sometime Linkstream users have reported that there is no sound to be heard when they watch some channel through streaming.
  • Network connection issues.

    Many time users come across an issue of network connection failure. This is due to the distance between Linkstream and the network adapter.

    Channels freeze on the Linkstream device.

    Sometime the videos on the channel freezes when watching the same channel for long time.
  • HDMI input does not support HDCP 2.2

    The Linkstream Premiere, Premiere+, and Ultra can stream 4k content. Even if you have compatible device, sometime the above message appears while trying to activate the 4k content streaming first time.

    Problem while activating Linkstream.

    To use the Linkstream device, it has to be activated first. But sometime it is difficult to activate the Linkstream due to various reasons.
  • Linkstream link code issues

    Linkstream link code appears on your TV when you connect the Linkstream with your television. But sometime this code doesn't appear on the TV screen or the server gives an error for incorrect code while trying to activate the Linkstream device.

    Play back issues

    The playback is very commonly faced by the users. This issue occurs when the Linkstream device is unable to play the channel and it freezes.

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